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Why? in Lao was only






I recruitment called him to interview "I asked him if he know that in Laos a few car brands," he said, "4-5 Brand" I asked, "What the brand," he said, "There Vigo, Fortuner, Land Cruiser, Prado and Lexus proverb above is not a joke but facts are coming out of the mouths of people who do business in the Laos automotive. One reflects the Toyota brand in the mind of the Lao people today if there is a chance to travel into Laos. Notice on the road. I believe the number of car park for 10 cars running at least half must be a Toyota.

Why the Lao people have confidence in the Toyota brand. It is a car brand that is imported for resale in Laos as the first, and from the car the brand began to be imported. Carrier remains in Laos always different cars from other labels. When it came to set the distributor in Laos, only 1-2 years, it would not go out of business continuity.

Lao Toyota service is a leading the first in Laos, as appointed by a Toyota dealer official since 1992 Laos Toyota service, who owned by KP. company of Pilapandet families.

Another point is that Toyota has been purchased by the Lao people are extremely because in the Toyota truck to open new markets in Laos. Toyota used the car to the person leading the country, which results in more psychological. Because when people think that class size lead to the Toyota people and other cars would have had to buy Toyota as well.

"Royalty is a high because Toyota has a subsidiary in Laos ten years ago, I sold a long time makes it popular. In the past “Toyota Tiger” is very popular because the customers was viewed as a robust vehicle, Tiger on 7 years ago purchased 17,500 $ and now Tiger the second-hand is 16,000 $ sale price not seen in seven years, "This is another reason that people in the car industry's existing Lao said.

However, during the first 10 years that Toyota came in Laos even a car that has been most popular. But sales are not very high. One of the reasons is because Lao while it is still under recovery, purchasing power of people is not enough and government policies have limited quotas on imported cars, really big and we came out after the year 2004 during the coming 5-6 years, but in the beginning. A period that sales are not very much, because at that time the government has limited import quotas on cars, are not open as in the present, the average sales were just in the hundreds. But since the liberalization of imported cars in 2004 in conjunction with Toyota Vigo, launched in 2004, just Vigo since 2004 to pick up Toyota Vigo also hold a popular since the last that what is the sales and growth are added to the present very high Yasuo Pilapandet Vice President of Toyota Service Co, Ltd. In Laos said.

A trend in the pickup truck, Toyota Vigo is the fireworks to the sales of Toyota's rise in Laos but another reason that sales of the Toyota over the past 5 years big spike. Is to cooperate in the marketing subsidiary in Laos with Toyota Motor Thailand made Toyota's market in Laos to walk more smoothly, also today, Toyota service, Laos have a car dealership, Toyota also officially one of the Toyota brand cars, The Lao Toyota Thani is the only one of official distributor, that have more than one services center in this small country.

Previous year 2004, the marketing of Toyota's subsidiary in Laos Report to Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, a market structure that is similar to Toyota's anywhere in the world but for the market in Laos factors that different from the market for cars in other countries, because there is a comparison of the Thai car market. Many people may understand that a neighboring country that has a contiguous border. The language used is similar between the Laotian and Thais, car market will continue to be ongoing simultaneously occurring in the automotive, Laotian is likely the same time, match made in Thailand, actually though but not at all.

Prior to Toyota Motor Thailand will join with the dealer market in Laos. Market-moving Toyota in Thailand, Laos, different from a lot, it's being seen as a small market. Support the dealers in Laos was from Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, whether as a matter of spare parts and services, most importantly, the production line of car models and features that will be brought to market. Has not been fully "But before Tiger sold in Thailand and Laos are not as different models in different factory option is not the same" people who live with Toyota for a long time in Laos, said.

Toyota of Japan to forget that look in Laos and Thailand are close to each other. Are important issues, most Lao people are receiving information through the media in Thailand, so the time of the movement of Toyota in Thailand. Lao people will recognize. I always expect them to occur with in Laos. This becomes a major obstacle in the marketing of Toyota dealers in Laos, although the products are already highly regarded. But we did not understand that. Why Toyota in Thailand when the product or option to their customers something new in Laos, but did not receive the same. "But this one is known which country the steering wheel left sale. We need to ask him to share a little "back of interrelated random drug past.

Only when Toyota plans to launch the event, Toyota Vigo world's first in Thailand in 2004 by Toyota Motor Corporation began to see through this barrier. And was assigned to Toyota Motor Thailand to help as an assistant in a market in Laos, the obstacles that used to exist are gradually being removed from the sales figures before the year 2004, Pllaphandet said in the hundreds cars, estimated that in 2010 years ago, sales of Toyota cars from dealers in Laos and two more fell about 5,000 vehicles as sales of the two dealers in a similar proportion.




When viewed from a growth rate of sales during the past five years, the number is quite alarming. "If the average is about one year, will grow 120%, we also see from the plan each year that next year will grow much. Market share including what are 5 years later if the average is about 120% per year "to a number of interrelated random drug five years ago in terms of the production line of Toyota cars to enter the two countries start close to Thailand, is known that if Toyota in Thailand launched two new models came out when soon the vehicle. It must have been released in Laos as well. And the launch vehicle can be set to Specification factory that produced it to be sold in Laos, especially.

"The parent company itself, Toyota Motor Corp. is to the credit or the Priority Origin Laos reasonable After all, even a small market. However, due to the high growth rate as alarming. He sees far and focused on the Laotian market, made in the specification. We can work to show to the parent company. Specification is to make Laos to manufacture only the vehicle of Laos. In Laos I began to have a mandate to negotiate what many more of his factory would be happy to adapt. We have volumes "Pilapandet said " the third generation have him in charge of Toyota's expansion in Laos wider. Although the product. Toyota is already accepted by the market. But he did not refrain from action Continues to lead the technical management of modern For sustainable business growth.

He is a bastard Laos - Japanese The mother is Japanese. Of interrelated random drug itself was born in Japan. But the older and attending school in Thailand Diploma from Bangkok Christian College. Bachelor of Business Administration major Finance from Bangkok University. It then went to study finance in Japan. Pilaphandet random drug to help in Laos, Toyota service, a family business for approximately three years ago, during which sales of Toyota are rising strongly. Is a chance that he can bring knowledge of business management to improve financial management of the Company to date more.

For Laos, Toyota itself. What we do not look at it hard. Not what it should look deeper. Just taking a simple concept that customers would have to cycle with us as long as possible. Stay with us forever, it is the tail end of the head end is the Value Chain, we must gradually Expanded in all areas. It covers. Start the car with our customers. We have new car sales to finance to insurance services. Customers buy the car away. Which way to purchase up to, we provide after-sales service customers come to the car crash, the garage to accommodate the color, customer wants to change cars we also offer second hand car to buy a new car and then he went out to be comprehensive current Lao Toyota service in addition to its headquarters and service center in Vientiane and then also has a repair and body color garage near Sikai market, also branches and service centers located in Pakse Champasak one place in the road, other Laos Toyota has appointed local businessman in a manner to represent sub-dealers. The end all Road motto that "the step up to the # 1 is easy but to maintain its rank 1, is always the more difficult" would be problems important challenges drug Mr. Yasuo Pilapandet in today


Toyota ads on television of Laos



Source:  Manager 360 degrees.


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